Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Been real busy - launch preparations for new service line

Been completely wrapped up in preparing for the launch of "India Research & Market Entry Services" for my current employer.

Basically, this is meant to appeal to coroprates who want to explore some specific aspect of the Indian environment of relevance to their India-focused plans.

Had to develop a go-to-market strategy, budget and staffing plan, and the preparation of all support materials
> Brochures design, development and production
> New section of corporate website
> Translation of website content and brochures into Spanish, French and German
> Collection and writeup of case summaries
> Comparison of competitor research reports
> Identification of research firms to provide primary research support
> Target list for communication - Journalists in India
> Target list for communication - Embassies/Consulates/Commercial sections
> Target list for communication - MNCs

Now I'm just waiting to get the green-light to hire some analysts. Any takers out there?

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